Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to school. dun dun DUN.

So here I sit in my new old ghettoish apartment that I actually quite like. The biggest problem is the florescent lights in the vanity area that would make even a super model look like she should wear a bag over her head. This is why a mirror in my room is crucial for my self esteem. Rexburg is just as I left it but colder. I'm not too happy about that aspect. I also am not too happy about how much books cost. I hate spending $400ish dollars on books. I really hope I get at least half of that back when I sell em back at the end of the semester.
I miss being at Eleasha's house though. I felt like an assistant mommy when I was there and it was fun hanging out with my sister and really getting to know her better. It was also so fun to be around Jarrin and Keeley and kiss on Sawyer all the time. The spit up all over my shirt was worth it cause Sawyer is so incredibly kissable and yummy.
So school starts Monday. This should be terribly exciting. I'm hoping this semester will be fun and go by quick but the unknown still makes me nervous. I guess thats why I want school to get going so that its not unknown anymore. So thats about it. Hopefully life will be a lot more "spicey" in a few days especially after I start my internship. woohoo!