Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm gonna die

So even though I'm insanely busy lately, I have a few minutes before class that I figure I might as well update my little life story just in case anyone is slightly interested.
So I feel like I'm going to die because I have 4 tests within a 3 or 4 day span (3 if you don't count Sunday). And worst of all, one of these is my class that has THE hardest tests. The last test for my Abnormal Psych class I studied for 7 hours and got just over 90%.... 7 hours! I have never had to study that much for a test ever! I suppose it "prepares me for graduate school". At least this is what I'm told by my teacher. I can't not like my teacher though cause he's such a nice guy and he reminds me of Uncle Rick. haha. So I still really enjoy the class, but it just really stresses me out. Ironically enough, the chapters we are testing on are about Stress and Anxiety and the health consequences of them. *sigh* Life's ironies make me giggle... and then sometimes cry. haha. So I have that and I have another psychology test, a spanish test (luckily thats easy for me) and a statistics test. With those on my plate plus the regular homework, I feel like I should go curl up under a rock and die. But alas, I shall conquer! I just keep prayin a lot to get through this week...successfully.
I'm shocked that the semester has gone by so quickly. We are already half-way through! I couldn't be more happy because I'm ready to put statistics and 7 hour study days behind me for a while. Sadly, I cannot say too much about my social life because as of right now, I don't really have one. I basically only get to talk to José (I should start calling him Rodo since thats what he prefers everyone calls him) and my roommates. I try to hang out with Tekara at least once a week though and we have fun. She spent the night this last weekend and we make this DELICIOUS pumpkin bread (I even substituted stuff like xylotol for sugar, Mom would be so proud!) and it turned out. I made my roommates try it and they liked it too so it was exciting. I've had this strange urge this semester that I haven't had since I was very young to just cook and I want to can applesauce and make my own jam and all this strange stuff that I wouldn't have thought twice about last semester. Maybe I'm being prepared, haha, who knows? Anyways, thats about the extent of whats goin on. Now I must scurry of to la clase de español a aprender. Woohoo!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In case you missed it.

I don't know if any of you guys watched the church broadcast, and maybe all of you did, but if not, here it is. I really liked it and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. I think this speaks to not only the issue at hand with Proposition 8 but with the degredation of morality at large and how far things are going around us. How "normal" things have become and how numb people have become to these type of things. I really love people who have chosen to live gay/lesbian lifestyles and its not about hating them. Many have shot harsh and pointed comments at those who have opposed Gay marriage calling those who support Prop. 8 as being discriminative, prejudice, and hateful people. The fact is that there are many effects that this will have on not only California, but all over since California does set the precedence. This video explains some of those effects and there are also some other websites I would recommend (they will be posted after the video link). If you know people in California, I suggest you do your best to help them understand the impact this will have on their own families now and in the future. (a couple from Mass. who have experienced the affects of legal gay marriage in their family)

So thats my shpeal about that... and now just for a little interesting thing:
Last night I had a dream that I didn't think about really till a couple hours ago. I was in California (I'm pretty sure I was in San Fransisco) and it got bombed. I looked up at the building I was close to that was the only one standing and realized it was the Temple and the people in it were fine. There were some survivors scattered around the city trying to escape but the most distinctive thing I remember was looking at the Temple and it being the only building left. I'm not saying it was super meaningful to everyone or not, but it feels meaningful to me.
Anyways I hope everyone else is doing well! I'm surviving the semester but hanging on by a thread with how crazy it is. Ill do an about me update soon. Take care!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It snows... i cry

Its snowing outside... a little piece of me has just died. Why couldn't it wait till like... November at least. *sigh* Rexburg oh Rexburg, why must you torture me so?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just hanging onto sanity

So I realize its been a while since I posted anything but I have literally been going non-stop since school started day one! Its insane! I can't wait till this semester is over. I feel like its almost impossible to have any real social life outside of my roommates and my boyfriend but I love them so its not unbearable or anything.
My internship takes up almost all of my Tuesdays and Thursdays but I love it. I have it at the Juvenile Corrections Center in St. Anthony, ID which is just like 20 minutes from Rexburg. I'm with a group of girls and I love them already. Its been a great experience so far and I can't wait to learn more and watch these girls grow and learn. It makes me so excited when I see some progress even the slightest bit and I just love it. Its amazing how much you can care about people you just barely know. But its great. I really love it! Its also interesting because the guy who is in charge of the internship is teach us interns about different psychological testing and we get to try them out. We also get to take some ourselves! I just got my personality test back tomorrow and I must say it was pretty accurate! Its fun cause I love taking those silly quizzes online but this is actually legit (well unless you talk to certain professionals who say they are useless which I disagree with). Its been so interesting.
My stats class... oooh my. I thought I was going to fail, but last saturday, I had this dawning where I finally understood everything from the last section. It just came in one big swoop after almost crying cause I couldn't get it. Thank goodness that dawning came before the first test (which is Friday). I was freaked but I think I can get through this with an ok grade! My Abnormal Psych class.... OOOOH man. REALLY hard tests. I haven't gotten that low of a grade ever. Thankfully with the curve that the teacher gave I got just enough to get a B on it. I'm gonna have to work my butt of big time in that class and I don't even know if thats enough to get an A with his tests. His questions are very unclear so I have to try and figure out how to interpret his questions or something. Wish me luck with that. haha. The rest of classes are good and all. Its just sooo busy this semester. So busy.
I'm so excited for General Conference. Every time it comes around I just feel so recharged and just full of hope and strength. I love it. Its so powerful!
Well I wish there was more to tell but thats pretty much all thats been goin on. Just counting down the weeks for this semester to end. 10 weeks left and one of those is Thanksgiving week so only 9!!!!! Then I will have a little party. Woooo! too bad it wont get easier from here. hahaha! How sad.