Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So these last few weeks have been completely insane. I didn't spend one weekend at home since the beginning of November. I've been job searching like crazy, had a wedding to go to, had an interview in Salt Lake, met up with my old friend from Brazil Elisabete who is working in Park City this winter, then I had to deal with finals. Not so fun...
I had a phone interview yesterday with a company that I thought had forgotten me but I think I might have a chance to get this job so I'm really excited and it would be doing something I would really love to do! I'd be working at as a Recovery Assistant at a recovery center mostly with women and the children they bring with them while they are recovering. I really hope it works out so be praying for me. The lady who interviewed me said that she was going to send my resume on to the next staffing person so I'm hopeful!
I made it home to Eleasha and Brad's place and its so fun to be around all my nieces and nephews again (well, not all of them yet because Aviendha isn't here yet). It sucks that I can't really stick around longer. I have a flight back to Idaho Falls on the 29th and then I gotta figure out what I'll do from there. Who knows... Thats the dilemma that I'm in now. I have to find a job and a place to live pretty soon and then a car is next on the agenda. Oh the joys of real life.
It is a relief to be done with school for now though. No more stressing about homework and staying up till 2:30 to finish them. But now its a different kind of stress in life. Bring it on I say!
Thats it in my life I suppose... nothing terribly interesting... But I love this video so I'm going to put it here

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conglomerate of silly stuff

So since there's not any big events going on in my life, this is just a compilation of little things that have happened or I've been thinking about lately.
I went to the doctors Tuesday (not the one doing the clinical trial but the regular doctor) and I told him that I had been taking herbs for a while and not taking the other insulin and he went off on all the things it could have been because of, like he couldn't believe it was actually the herbs working. It was funny but kind of sad that some people have their minds so made up and closed off to other things that could be helpful. Then the dietitian did the same thing. "Oh, its probably because your body was in a honeymoon period so you didn't need the insulin" "oh it might be because of the trial drugs" (which I didn't start until AFTER I stopped taking the insulin)... and so on.
I just got to witness my roommate on a date since her date came here to make dinner for them and it was so cute. I love being a spectator on the first or second date. You can see the awkwardness and the unsure looks and comments, its so cute! lol. She's got a third date set up already, lol, I'm so excited for her!
I'm still trying to find some kind of a job after I graduate. I've found a lot of potentials in Utah that I have to apply for. I never ever wanted to live in Utah, but considering the circumstances, that seems like the most viable option for now. Its somewhere close enough that I can afford to move and there are jobs available and a place close that I can go to for the doctors appointments. I have a couple friends thinking about coming there (if they can find jobs too) and so hopefully I'll be able to find a place to live with them.
Umm, I have a million things to do before the end of the semester and still find it hard to comprehend that Ill be graduating!!! Wow. Crazy how time flies.
My ward went on a temple trip to the Idaho Falls temple Thursday which was so great! It was an interesting feeling being in the place that my parents were sealed together. It really made me miss my mom and made me sad that I couldn't talk to her about when she got married. There's so many things I wanna know from her, but i guess I'll have to wait a while to ask her.
I just realized how much of a loser I am this semester, lol. All my roommates have been going out on dates and stuff and I do homework all the time. lol. Thats ok though, this semester has gone by so fast so far because I've just been going going going. I almost wish it would slow down so I feel like I have time to prepare for all the stuff to come.
I'm frustrated that the reason I didn't do so good on my last biology test was because I skipped a question on the bubble sheet and put all the next 4 or 5 answers in the wrong spot. Ugh! I went out of there thinking I knew most of the answers so I should have done well, but I looked at my score and it said otherwise. blah, but thats ok, i will just have to do good on the next couple tests and i can still get a good grade.
In my New Testament class, we talk a lot about all kinds of things but only half the time about the new testament itself which i find funny, but I still love the class. My teacher shows us a lot of videos and this was one of them i hadn't seen but really liked:

I love that they put in quotes from Elder Wirthlin's General Conference talk in Oct 2007- The Great Commandment. Its one of my favorites.

I've sold about $40 worth of jewelery so far but I have lots of work to do to get more stuff up and going with that whole thing.
I'm excited to go home this weekend for Thanksgiving and I'm taking my roommate Auda with me so I'm excited to show off my family. lol. I'm so proud of my super cute nieces and nephews! I did have a dream last night though that she met my dad and my dad was kindof rude and I was so embarrassed! But I don't think thats gonna happen... i hope that wont happen, lol. I know my dad wouldn't be intentionally rude.
My doctors bills are slowly adding up. they keep sending me more bills that i guess they've taken longer to process. I think I'm up to a little over $500 (BLAH!) so I will be working on paying that off when I get out of this Iceburg.
Its been snowing lately so i guess my prayer a couple blogs ago didn't work so well. Thats a shame :( I have to drive in the icy snowyness to my doctors appointments now which sucks. It scares me when I think of how fragile life is and how easily little mistakes on either mine or someone else's part can lead to something very bad. Aye! I need to move to florida. If I could afford the move, that would be my first choice in destinations when I graduate. I guess i have to work up to that though.
so thats about it for the silly stuff... nothing terribly exciting.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I vote vacation time...

So I just got done watching the CES Fireside where President Uchtdorf talked. It was sooooooooooo good. I recommend that all watch it even if they aren't a single young adult.,7341,395,00.html I just love Pres. Uchtdorf! He makes me laugh and he's so good at getting his message across!
Anyways, besides that, nothing too interesting going on... just trying to get over the stress of being half-way through the semester and knowing I have a million projects to get done before the end including two English projects which are oh so exciting. And I gotta teach my rat lots before the end but she doesn't get motivated easily and we cannot withhold food from her since she isn't fat enough yet... aye aye aye.
Oh, and I gotta start searching for and applying for jobs so I can start paying off loans and saving monies when I get done with la universidad. Yayness.
A couple of my roommates and I went out dancing at a party last night and ooooh boy, were there some hoooochies. It reminded me of mean girls where she's talking about Halloween being an excuse for girls to dress like sluts... yeah. Oh, and the guys too. lol. Gosh, It was so disappointing!!! There were girls there "dancing" or shall I say molesting, guys and I bet going to church today like nothing ever happened. Some guys with their shirts off doing something close to pole dancing in the was special. I think there were a lot of skanky high school girls looking to pick up college boys or something. But that wasn't the majority of the people, just enough that it was noticeable and sad. But it was fun dancing with my roommates :D Anywho, that was the fun of last night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh there ain't no tubes in me...there ain't no tubes in me

There might be tubes in some of you dudes but there ain't no tubes in me!!! Yay!

So I started the trial thing last Monday and got done yesterday with all the infusions. I know I got the real stuff because I got massive headaches for a few days. Saturday was the worst but it got better pretty quick. They had to put a picc line in my arm so I could get infusions every day and not have to be poked every day. It was slightly painful to get in because I'm one of those people who need a LOT of numbing stuff for it to work really well (my dad reminded me of when I cut my foot open again and screamed bloody murder when they tried to stitch it up when I was a kid). So there were times it hurt a bit. At one point, they couldn't get the tube through a part of my vein under my shoulder so they tried to push it through and I watched on the X-ray as my vein was pushed down and man did that hurt. I just kept thinking "I don't think my vein is supposed to go there or bend that way." But they eventually got it through.
So now the infusions are done and I have to go for check ups every week for a few weeks to see how things are going. Yahoo!
Yesterday night, my roommates and I had a ward Halloween dance that we went to and all of us dressed up. It was kind of a lame dance overall, but it was fun dressing up and taking pictures. haha. There are some, if not all up on facebook. My roommate supplied my costume so that was nice cause I didn't have anything good.
So I'm taking a Human Biology class this semester and I'm shocked how much I love the class. I am completely amazed at how complicated it all is and how everything balances just right to allow us to life. Its just amazing. I just really cant see how there couldn't be a god. I just... am so amazed!!!! Its actually not hard for me like I thought it would be to understand the stuff either so thats good! I just love it... What a shock that is to me. lol.
On another note, I hate that its getting so cold and darker. I get rather depressed at this time of year. Florida sounds better and better as the days go on. I am 10 times happier in the summer generally than the winter. I just need sunlight and warmth. I think thats how I've been since I was really young because as long as I can remember, all my best memories are in the summer... except maybe holiday memories or playing in the show when I was really young, but even then there were short lived joys. I dunno why it is...but I'll tell you one thing, I will never live in Alaska and I don't think I could live in Seattle. But we shall see where I end up...
The next thing I need to do is figure out what I'm going to do when I graduate. Everything has become so complicated since all this medical health stuff happened. I guess right now I'm looking for a job and will go from there. I was thinking of staying another semester and going on the MesoAmerican tour that my BYU-I does where you spend 4 weeks or so in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala (I think those are the four). But I'm not sure. Its all up in the air right now so I guess I need lots of prayers. lol. *sigh* life is crazy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sariah has become a lab rat, YAY!

So as of yesterday, I have officially started the clinical trial. I had to go to the radiology lab first and have them put in a ... i forgot what they called it, its like a blood catheter under my arm just a couple inches above my elbow. It was slightly painful because there was a kink or something in my vein and so as they were trying to shove the tube thing towards my heart, it was getting caught under my shoulder and i could see on the screen the vein bending as they tried to shove it in. that was painful. It was cool seeing my bones and my heart pumping on the x-ray thing though! lol. Then I went to get dosed up with whatever they pumped into me and ended up staying till 8:00 or so. Hopefully after today I wont have to stay so long since I will be able to go earlier by an hour and a half or so. They have me taking IB profin so that if I do feel some of the side effects, they wont be so bad. I don't know if i'd be able to tell if i did have side effects anyways because my body is so weird. lol.
So I went into the office again yesterday to make sure all the substitution things went through and i was set to graduate. I knew i should go and check because its always my luck that things get lost or something and don't happen, and thats exactly what happened. the office lost my papers so I have to get them all resigned and such. Good thing I went and checked.
As for classes, I have midterms this week but only a couple tests and a few million papers due...only. Actually, I was a good girl and did my 5000 word paper last week and finished it yesterday while being drugged up. So only a half a million more papers for english left. But my favorite class is Principles of Learning. We finished with the chickens and I said goodbye to Sparticus but now I have a rat named Sophie who I get to teach to do tricks for the Rat Circus we have at the end of the semester. She's actually really sweet and cute. I wanna keep her when the semester ends but I don't know where I could keep her. She's all cute and likes to cuddle. Also, in that class, we watched this video that is realllly interesting. I suggest everyone watch cause its cool!

Friday, October 9, 2009

No worries :D

So its been brought to my attention that some people are a little worried bout me so perhaps i should be better about writing more frequently, but theres really not much to tell. so far I have finished the screening process and should start the treatments in a week or so. But something even more cool is that I think that all the herbs and stuff i've been taking are starting to kick in and really work. Today I only took my morning dose of insulin and a total of 1.5 units of insulin all day when usually i'd take at least 2 or more units per meal. I took one this morning to see what would happen and i ended up going lower than i liked so for lunch i took only a half and got down to a perfect blood sugar level and so by dinner i decided not to take anything and so far so good! Just taking lots of herbs! I'm still figuring this all out but I'm really optimistic and so things are going well. I hope everyone else is staying optimistic in all the things they are doing, especially after such a wonderful conference last weekend!
oh, and they tried to tell me I didn't have enough credits to graduate, but I went into the office today and got things all worked out, so I'm still on schedule to graduate this winter! yay for me! so thats it in my world. I hope no one worries about me too much. I'm doing good with all the craziness and such :D Just keep prayin for me and all shall be fine.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General Conference

So I was lucky enough because of one of my roommates to be able to go down to watch General Conference in Salt Lake. It was so amazing! I wish I could get tickets to all of the sessions right in the front bottom part. We had tickets for the far back though way up high. It was still amazing never the less. My favorite talks were on Sunday though. Jeffrey R. Holland's talk and testimony was so amazing and powerful and President Monson's talk about the services and the warm fuzzies was so sweet! Gosh I love conference. It reminds me of all the things I need to improve on. I really do love conference!
I went down with two of my roommates, Kabao and Macy and Macy's boyfriend and we stayed at my Uncle Rick and Aunt Jenny's place Friday night and of course my roommates loved them. They are so welcoming! I can't thank them enough for helping us so much! The next night we went to Provo to stay with our old roommate. It was cool cause she lived directly across from the temple. I mean you look out her front window or door and the temple is directly in front of her. How amazing would that be? That night we went to Tocanos which is a Brazilian BBQ. The meat was soooooo good and tender! I ate so much and so little carbs, it was exciting... though I'm sure eating that much meat isn't that good for you. lol. It will probably be sitting in me for the next 2 weeks at least. lol.
I have my next appointment for the screening process this Thursday which is another meal tolerance test so I get to fast again and get to Idaho Falls by 8:00 in the morning. This time I will think to bring more homework and such.
So thats the excitement in Sariah's life. Yahoo!
Oh and, it snowed for multiple hours yesterday which was quite upsetting so I add this:
Dear God,
please keep it from snowing again until at least November...preferably December.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happily moving on

I am so excited for General Conference! My roommate got some tickets to go to the Saturday Morning session so I'm super excited. I've never been before. I love watching it online and all that but I hear that its even more amazing in person! I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it or at least listen to it. I'm so excited!!

On another note, I had my first appointment for the screening process to make sure I can be part of the trial. I really hope I can be. I can't if I've been exposed to TB and the likelihood that I have been goes up if I've been out of the country...which I have been. So I'm hoping that's not the case. Tomorrow I get to do a Meal Tolerance Test so I have to fast tonight starting at 9:00 until my appointment at 8:00 tomorrow. So that should be all kinds of exciting.

I'm also excited that I got to make some yummalicious peach/nectarine/raspberry cobbler last night with xylitol and it was so good! my roommates all loved it and my roommate said again "You just get better with time". Lol, I think she just likes me for the stuff I make. Thats ok though, I've grown to love cooking this past year. I used to hate it and now I love it. I feel so old when I'm asking for kitchen appliances for Christmas. I'm dying to get a good break maker, blender, and a few other things.

And on a sad note, my vision is back to ultra crappy :( Sad times. I wanna get lasik someday... but i suppose I must pay off my mounting med bills and school loans first.

I'm loving my religion class though. Because of this class I've been getting up an hour earlier each morning to study the scriptures and its amazing the difference that it makes. Just amazing, thats the only way to describe it. I'd recommend that as well if at all possible.

Oh, and at my last appointment, I was told that I had an average blood sugar of 410 the last three months... (My new theme song is Sugar by Flo Rida) the doctor was surprised I wasn't super sick and said if I waited a couple days, I would have either come in really sick or dead. I'm so glad I had that feeling to make a doctors appointment. The Lord is really looking out for me. The past few weeks I have witnessed his help over and over again. For that I'm so very grateful.

So overall, I'm doing good, the Lord is helping me so much and I have a lot of great people around me. Thank you everyone for all the help!

Monday, September 21, 2009

This cracks me up cause its so true, lol

(1) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

(2) Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

(3)Nothing : This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

(4) Go Ahead : This is a dare, not permission Don't Do It!

(5) Loud Sigh : This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

(6) That's Okay : This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

(7) Thanks : A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a clause here - This is true, unless she says 'Thanks a lot' - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say 'you're welcome' , that will bring on a 'whatever')

(8) Whatever : Is a woman's way of saying GO TO HELL

(9) Don't worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to # 3.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life is a... sucks sometimes

So here's the deal. I had a bit of a sore throat the last couple days and normally I wouldn't go into the health clinic for something like that but I kept feeling like I should because I could ask them at the same time if there is something wrong with me since I have been loosing weight over the last year. So to make a long story short, they tested my blood and it was 400... and for anyone who knows anything about diabetes, that is very very high. I'm surprised I hadn't gotten to the super sick point yet. So the people at the clinic on campus told me to go home and not eat a lot of sugar and carbs and made an appointment for me to see a diabetes specialist on Friday. So I went home and called my sisters and they told me to go the the Emergency Room right away which I did. Thank goodness I have Carisa here with me in Rexburg. God really knew what he was doing not letting Tim get a job just yet. (Sorry Tim for you being stuck here cause of me, lol). So I spent like 5 hours in the ER where they pumped me full of fluids and shot me up with some insulin and sent me home with an appointment the next morning (early this morning) with the diabetes specialist.
I went in this morning and got the run-down on what I need to do in these beginning periods and got all the stuff I need (I never thought I'd be so happy to have the school's insurance). The people are really nice and one lady said she would give me a lot of samples to get me through the semester since I don't have a job and I'm poor. I also got explained to me a clinical trial that I hopefully can participate in. It sounds really good and promising so I'm really excited. What it is, is I would go in for 8 days in a row and get some of this medication that is supposed to stop my cells from attacking my beta cells and thus protect my pancreas from getting any worse for at least 5 years. Then after those 8 days, I'd come in for check ups once a week for a month or so, then every other week for a few months and then once a month for a while longer. For the last year (its a 2 year study) i would have to come in every 3 months or so. Luckily there are many places around the country participating in this so if I wanted to move, I could transfer to any of those places. They also pay for all my doctor bills and all that and I get paid each time I go in so even if I get the placebo, its not a waste of time, saves a lot on doctor bills! I'm also planning on taking a lot of herbal stuff that Gailyn has taken for a long time and hopefully help my pancreas a LOT before it quits producing insulin altogether. I'm really hopeful but it was realllllly hard to hear. When I found out, I just cried and cried and still cry every once in a while. Its really overwhelming, but I'm gonna deal with it and get through. I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful people here for me and an amazing family who are really supportive, smart and extremely helpful. My roommates have been super supportive and sweet which I appreciate so much! They did a fast for me as an apartment when they knew something was wrong. They are so sweet!
So anyways, thats the deal... sucky as it is.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazing talk

So in my New Testament class today we listened to one of the Conference talks from last October's General Conference and It was amazing. I don't know how many people remember it but I highly recommend listening to it again in a quiet place. Its called The Way by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge in the saturday afternoon session of General Conference.,5239,23-1-947,00.html

also on youtube but its split into two parts:

I just love it so much I wanted to share.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh back to school... back to schoooool

So I am back once again in Rexburg for my final semester. Yahoo! Summer was too quick though. I had so much fun after getting back from Colombia. I spent it at Eleasha's house and we had fun cooking together, making earrings and necklaces, she helped me sew a skirt (I'm shocked it worked!)... it was all lots of fun! I'm going to start selling my jewelry online as soon as I can take some good pictures of it (photographing jewelry is much harder than i would have thought). All that cooking and sewing and stuff just made me so much more anxious to have my own house. I want a garden so much!!! I wanna grow my own rhubarb and zucchini and peppers and all that jazz. I cant wait!
I also have been thinking this summer that instead of going to grad school next fall, I wanna save up for 6 months or so and volunteer in South America for a half a years or so. I wanted to do that before but somehow that got lost in other plans and I have rediscovered my desire to do that. I love traveling, I love the latin culture and I've wanted to volunteer in an orphanage for a long time now. I told my internship supervisor last fall that my plan was to spend a while volunteering in S. America last fall so I don't know why it got out of my mind for a while. But anywho, thats the plan. I think I decided not to cause i thought it would be really expensive but then I found a lot of really good programs that dont charge you to go down. I just have to pay my own way and with some programs pay for food and housing. Luckily living in S. America is cheap and I could save up in a little over 6 months and be fine down there.
Annnywho, So back to school. I only have 5 classes but some are going to be a bit intense i think. I'm taking only one class on tuesdays and thursdays but thats Human Biology and I don't know how well THAT is going to go. lol. I've never been a science person. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I have Developmental Psych (I'm hoping will be easy), English (I have a crazy teacher but i will go over that in a sec), New Testament (with LOTS of reading to do in that class), and then Learning (where I get to train rats and chickens! woohoo).
So my English teacher is kind of crazy. to hand out the syllabus, he took the pile of papers, split it in half, and threw each one on opposite sides of the room. It was a quite efficient and quick way to hand out the papers, I'll give him that. It was interesting. Then towards the end of class, when he was talking, right in the middle he screamed and everyone jumped so high. He said he saw heads that was his solution I guess. He's a bit crazy but I've heard from people that he's really funny.
I have two new roommates. One is from El Salvador which I'm really excited about, and the other is from Shelly Idaho so I'm no longer the only white girl in the apartment. lol. I think it will be a good semester. :D I'm excited and hopeful!

Friday, August 14, 2009


So I spent two weeks in Colombia and it was AMAZING! I dunno where to start exactly. I suppose I'll just go day by day.
I got to Colombia on the 29th and met my friend Catalina that I had worked with my first winter in Jackson Hole. We stayed at her cousin's apartment in Bogota first, which is fairly cool temperature year-round. about 70-75 degrees, but luckily the shower had warm water, even if just a little drizzle . Since I had just arrived, we didn't really do much that first day. Just walked around her neighorhood a bit and eat. On Thursday, we went to Zipaquirá for the day and visited the Salt Cathedral (Catedral de Sal) which was pretty cool. Theres a huge salt mine there and the miners carved out a Cathedral in it. There are pictures on the link posted. So after wandering around there and the rest of the town, we went home where her cousin's boyfriend attempted to teach me some fancy salsa dancing which was fun but I'm not sure just how sucessful he was. lol.
Friday we went around the center of Bogota and went to the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold) which was cool. After that we went to Catalina's home town called Fusagasugá. It was about 5-10 degrees warmer there all year round but none of the showers have warm water. BERRRR!!! It was so stinkin cold taking showers. I didn't use conditioner in my hair because I could barely stay long enough to use shampoo. it was like when you jump into a freezing lake and start hyperventaling. lol, it was cold. Right when I got there Catalina's mom started telling me how I should stay for a month or more. Catalina and I explained over and over that I couldn't change my flights and stuff but she kept insisting. She's super sweet. she was showing me things around her house the first day and when I said I liked something, she insisted that I take it home with me as a present. After that happened a couple times I stopped telling her I liked things and just smiled and said it was interesting. lol. I didn't wanna take all of her stuff home with me. She's so sweet.
On Saturday Catalina's friend and a friend of his wanted to go hike up this mountain and camp. Catalina and I had to leave early in the morning with her parents so we decided not to camp but we hiked up the mountain with them. My goodness... I almost died. I haven't hiked that long that steep ever. It was super steep and we hiked for like an hour and a half stopping 5 minutes or so 4 times. I'm glad we had some sprite with us because I think I would have fainted from low blood sugar if not. The view at the top was amazing though. (again, pictures available on the link). I was pretty proud of myself though for making up that far and not being sore the next day. lol.
The next day we had to get up super early because we were making a four hour drive to a couple different towns. We first went to Boyacá where they have this famous bridge that a battle between the Spanish and those fighting for freedom took place. I got a couple pictures of me on a Chiva which is a brightly colored bus that people used to ride around to places (they still use them as a tourist thing in Cartagena where people drink and sing and drive through the city) . We didn't stay too long there before heading next to Villa de Leyva. The town of Villa de Leyva was cute and I liked that there weren't bars on all the windows there. It was windy so there were a bunch of kids in the square flying kites, it was just all so quintessential. So cute. In Villa de Leyva they have fossils of dinosaurs which was pretty cool; Huge sea dinosaurs that used to live there when the sea covered it. Her dad bought me a little sea fossil to take home (I love her family!). The next place we went was Ráquira. I LOVE that place! Love it! In that town, everyone makes clay pots and vases and people from all over the country and other countries go there for their pottery because they do it so well and its so beautiful. All the walls were brightly painted with murals along the bottoms and colorful things hanging from all the buildings. It was amazing. I just couldnt get over how beautiful and rich it was. So much color. Even the bright and the stones arond the bridge were cool (theres pictures of this too). So after this we went back home.
Monday we left for Cartagena which is a 20 hour bus ride and the air conditioner broke so we were riding an oven without windows to Cartagena. It was sooo stinking hot! I felt so gross when we got there on Tuesday that the first thing I did when we go to the hostel was take a shower but it is so humid there I felt just as sticky when I got out, lol. I got a little more used to the heat as time went on but it was about 95-100 degrees with like... a million percent humidity the whole time, lol. So since we were so tired Tuesday, we didnt do much besides eat some ice cream.
Wednesday we went to the San Felipe Castillo which was I guess a fort type thing the Spanish build to defend the city against Pirates and things like that. After touring that, we just went around to little stores and such and went to the beach then out to eat. that night, we went out walking with a couple people from the hostel and one of the guys who worked at the hostel, Charlie who showed us around the Old city a bit. (I dont have pictures up yet of the old city but its really pretty).
Thursday we went around the old city again and then went to the beach for a while and that night one of the guys from the hostel, Charlie, Catalina and I all went out dancing. It was so much fun. We stayed out dancing for quite a while. I danced with Charlie a lot but there were a couple other guys that asked me to dance and one of them kind of disturbed me...well both did but one of them asked me to be his wife and stared at me like I was a piece of meat. After dancing with those two guys I told Charlie that I didnt wanna dance with them anymore so when they were going to ask me to dance, he would dance with me. He's a really nice guy and ended up telling me that he liked me a lot and told me how he liked how pure and innocent I was and how tranquilla I was like I'm cool being myself and doing my own thing when everyone else around me may be doign differently. I just smiled and said thank you, I didn't realize he wanted more until he asked me what I thought about him and I was like "um... you're really nice, I like you, we're good friends right?" lol. He asked me if I would go outside for some fresh air to talk and I said Ok and we walked outside and he told me again how he liked me and such. I could sense he wanted me to say something but I wasnt sure what so I told him that I didn't want anything physical or anything like kissing or anything more and he was like "oh no, i wasnt telling you that to get anything from you, I just wanted you to know" so I said ok and we went back inside. It was funny because I don't get hit on much in the U.S. but I had three guys in one night hitting on me, it was weird for me. lol. But anywho, Friday, Catalina and a girl from the Hostel and I went on a ship to La Playa Blanca which is supposed to be this amazing beach. It was really pretty and all but I cut my foot a little on the coral and Catalina got some coral stuck in her foot so when people were going out dancing again that night, she decided not to go. This time there were 3 american guys, 2 israeli guys and 3 british girls, Charlie, and I that went out but it wasn't very much fun. None of them except maybe 2 really wanted to dance and when the rest of them danced it was like middle school dancing in a circle and not really latin dancing. I loved dancing the night before cause it was latin dancing and not like techno dancing (Blah). Plus, when the british and U.S. people go out, they go mainly to drink instead of dancing so it kind of sucked. I ended up asking charlie at midnight if he didn't mind helping me get back to the hostel and he decided he wanted to go home too since we stayed out so late the night before and got up so early, him for work and me for the boat ride. So everyone else decided they wanted to go home as well but they all stayed up playing drinking games and I went to bed. Saturday Catalina and I went to the beach one last time (where two guys that were trying to sell things ended up stopping to talk to me on the beach) and then went out to eat before we took the bus back to Bogota. The bus ride back was sooooooooooooooo cold because the AC was up full blast. Everyone had big coats and blankets on. I had a jacket and my towel covering me and still couldnt feel my feet or anything. We rode to cartagena in an oven and back in a refrigerator... not a big fan of the busses there.
We got back on sunday afternoon and just went home to eat and hang out watching a movie or two.
Monday morning we went again to the center of Bogota and then went to visit Catalina's university which was quite interesting...very left wing... like socialist supporting type of ideas. there was a couple american flags painted on the sidewalk but instead of starts it had skulls. I was a wee bit uncomfortable walking around knowing that most of the students there hate America, lol. But anywho, after that we went home and I packed up my stuff to leave the next day.
Tuesday I left Colombia and got back to the U.S. and stayed in a hotel in Florida where just around the corner was a Peruvian restaurant which was exciting cause I've heard so many good things about Peruvian food that I had to try it. I had some Lomo Saltado which was really yummy and I think it was pretty authentic because the girl who was behind the counter was from Lima Peru and her family owned the restaurant.Flying into Spokane, I sat next to a really nice lady on the plane that I talked to the whole way home and as we were leaving she gave me her watch for me to remember her by. It was so sweet! When I got back into Spokane on Wednesday, for a welcome back celebration, I got to go to Chuck E' Cheese!!! Well actually it was for the kids but it was Chuck E Cheese none the less. lol.
Overall it was amazing in colombia, I want to go back as soon as i can but next time I want to visit Santa Marta, Medallin and Mompox (or something like that, some town that makes weaved silver jewlery with the silver they mine and its really pretty).

So there are some things I really like about Colombia, some I didn't like so much and some I'm just not so sure about.

Things I love:

*bakery on every corner
*beautiful places like Cartagena and Raquira
*cheap fruit and a HUGE variety that i've never even heard of
*fresh made juice in the mornings straight from the fruit, yumm
*drinkable yogurt, i really liked that for breakfast
*latin dancing, LOVE IT...even if im not so great at it...
*the warm ocean in Cartagena
*all the beautiful handicrafts
*Milhojas (this AMAZING dessert thing that I had once then HAD to have once more before i left)
*Oblejas (its like really thing waffle looking things with arequipe and raspberry stuff in between)
*Arequipe- its like a carmel type thing but not as sweet and i think make with dulce de leche and other stuff, but its yummy and they use it with a lot of things

Things I don't like so much:

*cold water for showers
*bars on the windows
*paying for bathrooms
*no toilet paper in bathrooms (you have to buy it or bring your own)
*no soap in half the bathrooms, ick
*lots of stray dogs that made me sad, for some reason all the cats have homes but not the dogs
*people staring a lot and very obviously... i have never been stared at that much in my life where ever i went... in one store, i walked in and the ten people in there stopped everything they were doing and just stared at me till I exaguration, it was awkward
*not having french toast or other sweeter things for breakfast
*not having separated houses with lawns or anything, I would really miss that if I lived in a south american country for a long time though i could handle it for a time, i like having property around me

Things I'm not so sure about:

* the driving is CRAZY!!! I mean, wow.... i cant decide if the people there are horrible drivers and are just realllly lucky or they are really good drivers but it was quite interesting driving down residential streets at like 50 miles and hour passing people on narrow roads and just barely missing the people in oncoming traffic. being a pedestrian is very dangerous, lol.
* a million tiny stores and not very many big grocery stores... its convenient when you want to just grab something really quick but it seems that it would be hard to find some specific things when little stores only have so much in each of them.
* lots of very short people- its not really a bad thing but i felt realllllly tall there...not on the coast cause there are a lot more tall people on the coast but in bogota i felt like a giant
* i love a lot of the music but i dont know that im a big fan of the really classical colombian music.
*I think Bogota is a little to cold for me to have it the same temp all year round which a cold apartment. If its gonna be hot all year round i can handle that better than cold all year round.

So anyways, here is the link the the pictures I have up so far.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To live and learn

Its been great but.... THANK GOODNESS ITS OVER!!!

In honor of the end of the semester (and since I finally have a few minutes to do something slightly more insightful on here and more meaningful to me) I just wanna share 10 of the most important things I have learned this semester.

1) I doesn't matter the time or the distance really, there is just some love that is and will always be there and missing that person may not get easier with time, but I'm ok with that... I don't want it to get easier because that love feels stronger that way.

2) Though life gets really hard, for many reasons, as I let the Lord be the leader of my life, things work out, prayers are answered, and I know things will be ok eventually... I know the Lord can help me do more with my life than I could do by myself and I'm grateful for that even though some of the things I have to do are the hardest things I can imagine doing.

3) After taking a little mini class on Abuse for one of my religion classes, I realized I might wanna go more into the abuse counseling aspect. I felt really strongly that I could do something along those lines. Its just heartbreaking to realize how many lives get broken and how many people don't find their way back from those experiences... I wanna be one to help.

4) After talking to one of my teachers, I realized that I will be spending my summer doing my favoritest thing in the whole widest world!!! Studying! That's right... he says I need to take the GRE in September so if I suck (which I likely will) I can retake it in November... many people spend months preparing for this wonderful adventure but I will be spending about a month or so... how terribly exciting!
5) After saying goodbye to my mom for the length of my time remaining here on Earth, my appreciation and love for the temple has been magnified 100 times. I am so indescribably grateful that my parents were married in the temple so I can be with my mom for eternity. I can't imagine how much harder saying goodbye would have been had I not had that reassurance that I've had for much of my life that I will be with her again and those ties won't be broken as long as I'm doing those things that I need to be doing. I'm so grateful.

6) I found out about this website called Kiva that you can join and give microloans to people all over the world who are working to bring themselves out of poverty. Its amazing how it works. You can give $25 towards a loan and once those people start making profit, they pay back the loan to all the people who have contributed. They something like a 97% payback rate and you can choose who to give loans to and read their stories and their business ideas and so on. So you can put in $50 towards a couple loans and after a few month or so you start getting that money back into your account which you can then give to someone else. Its great and I STRONGLY reccomend that everyone should check it out. Just go to or you can watch a video about it on here

7) I have realized that the more I learn Spanish, the more I love the language. I love being able to listen to people speaking Spanish and know (sometimes, haha) what they are saying. Its an amazing feelings. Its somehow a self-esteem boost.

8) We had this little lesson thing for FHE and read a little book that is now one of my favorites. Its short and sweet but filled with all kinds of meaning. We talked about it in terms of dating, in terms of our relationship to the world around us and most importantly our relationship with the Lord. You can look at it in so many ways, I think everyone whould see/read it at least once so I'm putting it here :D

9) After having a few issues with what seemed to be heart issues but was really I think anxiety and stress and other issues from a semester of hard times... I realized (or I guess re-realized since I knew this and did this in times past) that sometimes you have to find and be grateful for the small joys in life. There is always something to be grateful for and happy about and if you don't take time to enjoy those small things then other things can overwhelm you.

10) And last of all, I feel I should include that I learned all kinds of lovely psychological stuff. Since its my major I should probably have learned something useful in all these classes that should help in my future endevors. I had some good times in Bro. Delton's class, lots of laughing and a couple times so hard that I cried (I get that from my mom) and had some good times in other classes and overall it was a...productive semester...

So overall, though this has been one of the most difficult semesters or more like THE most difficult semester I have had, some good things, good learning experiences have come from it and for that I am grateful.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ode to the Finals...

Alas, less than two weeks left of school... you know what this means right??? No, not a party unless you are talking to my Spanish teach who likes to refer to tests as "celebraciones" (luckily Spanish is fairly easy for me so I don't resent the term "celebraciones". The next week is filled with tests (not finals), projects, and headaches. Yahoo! Then the next week is... dun da da DA!!! FINALS! *Intro song to Jeopardy plays* (I don't know why that song keeps running through my head lately...
Anyways, Almost all my psychology teachers have decided it would be a fun idea to have a test next week and then a lovely Comprehensive final the last week.
You know what my favorite part about the whole finals week is when the apartments kick you out the day after finals. It brings joy to my heart that they are so understanding what with students trying to do finals AND packing/cleaning massively in the last week. Its my FAVORITE! :D Luckily I'm not changing apartments so I wont have to haul all my stuff into storage...I hope.
I think all the stress right now with emotional stuff and school stuff is taking a toll on my immune system. I gotta start taking the immune stuff Eleasha gave me a while ago so I don't get sick in the middle of summer. I can do it though! Go immune system go!!! Woohoo!
Anyways, thats about it, lifes not too exciting right now. Just going day by day ya know.
So there you have it... life and whatnot :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sickly times

So these last few weeks have been the most gigantic emotional roller coaster. Right when I feel like things are getting stable, BAM! its all crazy again. Oh the joys of life.
I got through the busiest part of the semester which were the last two weeks and I only have a month or a little bit less left. Thank goodness.
So last week I was having issues with my heart feeling like it was skipping a beat or something and i'd get dizzy and have to sit down and catch my breath. It happened a few times and I was a bit worried. After talkin to my roommates and a couple sisters they suggested going to the doctor. So I went to the doctor today and he was really nice... he said that it was probably psychological though. I figured that was a possibility but I wanted to be sure. He offered to do some tests but said it was probably not neccessary because my heart rate and oxygen intake and lungs sounded fine so I figure till I actually pass out, ill just try and deal with my psychological issues. So hopefully its nothing more serious than my mind telling me I'm messed up. lol. Man, I hate being so emotional. But life will go on and eventually it will be better. Till then its just getting through.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


In honor of the Sabbath I thought I would share a good video I happen to like a lot

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Almost everyone who reads this would know already know that my mom passed away on Sunday. So here I sit, trying to sort through the tangle of emotions. I love my mom so much. She is an example of the greatest strength and testimony. She was always so strong and caring and always wanted to help everyone in any way she could up till the end. She could even have that sense of humor she was known for even through the hardest times. I could barley get through a couple minutes talking with her without her laughing so hard she was crying. I always felt special around her like that... like I'm actually funny. :) She was full of interesting advice but as I have gotten older, I have realized the truthfulness of some of the things she used to tell me. One thing she told me was that when you get angry, you only see red. Her words come to mind all the time and have become so much a part of me, I don't remember at the time that they came from her. During some of my hardest times she was my best friend. When I'd come home crying from school every other day in third grade, she would listen to me and talk with me for hours as I laid next to her on the bed. She kept me going when I felt like I couldn't go on in my dramatic 8 year old life. After she got sick, I saw first hand how much it hurt her to not be able to do things for her daughters that I know she wanted to. Later it killed me to see how hard it was for her. I prayed and prayed for her to be happy even if that meant that she would be separated from us here in mortality. I thank God right now that she is finally free from the confines of a body that would not allow any length of freedom to do what she wanted. Its extremely hard to know that she is gone... I don't think any wound would compare to that of losing a mother. There is no one that can take that place in your heart. But I am more grateful now than I have ever been that we are sealed together as a family and I know we will be together forever. I thank God for temples on Earth that make such an amazing blessing possible. I pray that I will always be striving for the best so that I can be worthy enough to stand by her at the end of my days.
Overall, I am so blessed to have had such an amazing woman for a mother. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful. Though it hurts to know she is gone, I cannot help but thank God for his mercy and love for her and her joy now.

Monday, April 27, 2009

School at last.... uh oh

So at long last, I have come back to school. This is exciting for me in that I am hoping time will go by much faster. The downside? I have to wake up at 7:00 every morning except saturdays... I know I'm a whiner, but I love sleeping in. Its something I treasure quite a bit and I tend to stay up late so 5 hours of sleep each night makes mornings quite difficult for me.
Anywho, for this semester I have 19 credits again and for four of my classes, looooooots of reading is required. I don't mind too much though because I don't have massive loads of homework... I just have to struggle to keep myself awake while reading over 200 pages of psychology stuff each week...or more. I tend to doze off after the 10th page or so, which proves to be problematic in the reading process. But I'm glad I'm doing it all now. I'm hoping that by doing this, next semester will be quite a bit more relaxed and I can enjoy my last semester a bit more.
This semster I get to take all sorts of fun classes like Research Methods and History and Systems of Psychology. I bet the sounds of that just makes you exude with jealousy. Don't worry, its not as terribly exciting as it sounds. But I am also taking Intro to Social Work, more Spanish, Motivation and Emotion, and Prep for Eternal Marriage (no i'm not engaged or anything).
I'm back with my Chinese roommates this semester (there are only 3 of them left) and one roommate who is Mong. I didn't know what Mong was till I ask her. If you'd like to know, you can ask. I'll just tell you its not Mongolian. So needless to say, I'm looking forward to a delicious Asian food filled semester. Yahoo!
Not many new interesting t hings except for those of you who don't know, I will be going to Peru this summer when school gets out for two weeks. So thats exciting. If anyone has any advice for traveling to South American countries (vaccinations I should get, foods to avoid, etc) I'd love to hear it :D
I love being back in Idaho where food is much cheaper. Chili is less than a dollar here! In Jackson its like $1.50 so I'm pretty excited. I have enough pancake mix to last me the whole semester for only $7.00!!! Its magical...really... Now I just need to find a lunch food that I can get for that much! *sigh* if only...
Thats about it for now though... :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm not depressed, don't worry :D

Well it seems its about time that I get around to updating this said bloggy thingy. I'm not sure where to start so I'll start with some random thoughts I've been thinking of this last week.

1) I can't figure out why my washing machine would have a setting for small loads, large loads and super loads... and then NOT have one for medium loads... It just doesnt seem to make sense to me...

2) there are things in my store that make me giggle that aren't really supposed to be funny... theres a stuffed bear that looks like Popeye, a rug with a bear on it that looks like it has spikes on its back so I call it Dino-bear and a moose key chain that when you squeeze it, it sounds like a dinosaur...really it does! If anyone is curious, I can post pictures of these things, though others might not find them as funny as I do.

3) I really need a haircut

4) I really don't wanna come back here next winter but I don't really know whats going to happen so I guess I should prepare for anything...including living in Jackson *gulp* once again...

So I'm in my final weeks of Jackson living yet another time. I believe I started this blog around this time last year. This last week has been torture for me though. All the wonderful people I met here have long since left and last Sunday I had to say goodbye once again to Rodolfo whom I love extremely lots and lots... And I am left here. I feel rather alone and disheartened but I'm trying very hard to keep my mood up and get through these last weeks till I can return to school and get myself busy and around friends and family once again. I leave here the 17th which can't come soon enough. These last couple months (man, its been a long time since I updated) have been rather uneventful in the things to write about. I spent them making the most of the time I had here with Rodo and working my butt off to pay for all those lovely necesities in life which cost oh so much such housing...
I have the apartment all to myself now... for some that may be good but its really lonely for me. Before the last girl left (a few days ago), I barely saw her anyways, but it was just coming home and knowing there is someone else here made me not feel lonely. Now I come home and I have to immediately distract myself as to forget that I'm all alone.
No one needs to worry about me, I'm adjusting and working hard to keep a more positive outlook or at least just look forward to a couple weeks from now. :D
One (probably the only) semi-interesting thing is that I learned how to count to 10 in Romanian, compliments of my two new co-workers who are quite lovely and funny. I suppose thats it for now though. Sorry if this was a bit depressing... the last couple months were really good though! (besides the being sick of working here part, lol)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some things that make me giggle

Just a couple things from my store that makes me laugh

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm not dead...yet

I haven't felt that burning desire to update my blog and tell all about whats been going on with me because... frankly not much has been goin on. Its pretty much just work and not even 40 hours a week lately. Actually its been pretty pathetic with work hours this season. Thank goodness for tax returns.
Another reason why I haven't updated is because Dell sucks. Thats right... it sucks. My lovely Lappy (my laptop) that is about exactly one year old broke for the fourth/fifth time since I got it...and Dell... being the helpful company that it is, will only do one thing for me. They tell me to send it in, they will fix it, and it will work again for four months till it breaks and I must do the same thing... but this time, for an added bonus to their already wonderful customer service, they decided after I sent it in (from my address in Jackson) to send it back to my OLD address when I was living with Brad and Eleasha this summer. On top of that, it took about 20 phone calls to rather unhelpful Dell people and about 3 hours of being on hold to finally get someone 3 weeks after I sent my laptop in, to figure out a way to get it back to me. Ugh... so hopefully it will be here tomorrow or Tuesday.
Anyone wanna buy a laptop? :D

Oh yeah, and I went to the chiropracter a few days ago because my back was KILLING me and it was making my chest hurt a heck of a lot. Thankfully I think its much better but I'm going to go back in a couple days to make sure nothing else is wrong. I gotta work on my posture. I must admit I have terrible posture... stupid habits.