Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years

So Christmas time has come and gone once again. I missed having a Christmas tree so Jose (Rodolfo) and I made one together and had the others in the apartment write their names on the ornaments. I like our little tree :D It makes me happy inside.

So I'm back in Jackson once again and it is pretty much the same, but its amazing how different the atmosphere is with the different people. Its great though, I love it. I really love all these new people (mostly from Brazil) that are here and love the feel of everything. A couple of the Brazilians have been coming to church and the activities and enjoy them so that's really cool. A bunch of us are going to the ward overnight New Years party today where we will snowmobile into a cabin and play in the snow. It should be really exciting. Not too much else has been going on so I'll leave it at that. :D I hope everyone is having an awesome New Years

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas memories

5 Favorite Christmas songs:(singers, groups)
1) Transiberian Orchestra: A Mad Russians Christmas
2) Transiberian Orchestra: Carol of the Bells

3) Sarah McLaughlin's Christmas cd
4) All the funny christmas songs like South Parks version of Oh Holy Night
5)All other pretty Christmas music, like Gailyn, I love Christmas music

5 Favorite Christmas Movies:

1) Muppets Christmas Carol
2) Micky's Christmas Carol
3) The Shop Around the Corner
4) The Santa Clause
5)While You Were Sleeping (Its kindof Christmas :D)

5 Favorite Christmas Treats:

1) Pumpkin Pie
2) Cheesecake
3) chips and dip
4) All other pies
5) French Toast with Strawberries and whip

5 Favorite Christmas Memories

1) Staying up all night with Maranda till Dad or Mom put the stocking stuffers in and then waiting a little longer before we snuck out to get them while Maranda would tell me stories of hearing Santa's sleigh bells. haha. Good times.

2) When I got a giant bear for Christmas that at the time was as big as me. I loved that bear.

3) Opening Grandma's presents on Christmas Eve

4) In general, just turning off the lights and having the tree lit and laying on the couches around Christmas time watching the lights and listening to the music that went along with it that most of the girls hated but I liked.

5) Eating Waffles with strawberries and whip for breakfast

Friday, December 12, 2008

Free at last...Free at last

Alas, the end of the semester has come. I made it out alive. I must say, I am quite impressed with that accomplishment. I had my last final this morning and spent the rest of the day cleaning and packing. Tomorrow I head back to Jackson O.O Can you believe the year has gone by so fast? Apparently business in Jackson is SUPER slow and my store has a ton of people working there... so they are cutting back everyone's hours. I can't afford to go the whole season not working full time so please pray for more snow (at least in Jackson, cause I understand if you don't want it where you are). So here are some highlights (dunno if that really is a good description, of the past semester:
  • Had an amazing experience in my internship at the Juvenile Correction Center in St. Anthony and really came to love the girls. I'll keep praying for them.
  • Spent almost every weekend doing homework and studying
  • Had at least one test (usually two, sometimes three or four) every week
  • Only had time to hang out with people other than my roommates or my sisters seven or so times and most of those was with my friend Ray
  • Wanted to kick my teachers in the shins and run away
  • Had emotional rollar coasters
  • Pulled or tore a neck muscle then passed the bathroom of all the fun places to pass out (this was this Monday)
  • Missed having Chinese food almost every day of the week that I was spoiled with the last two semesters
  • Had wonderful roommates that I love but they were just as busy as me (how sad)
  • Passed all my 18 credits (thank goodness)
  • Went home for a much needed break for Thanksgiving
So thats my super not so exciting semester. Its going to be sad leaving my roommate Chandalar who I stay up and talk to all the time. She's graduating in April right before I get back :( Thats the sad part of things like this... *Sigh* Wish me luck traveling tomorrow.