Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some things that make me giggle

Just a couple things from my store that makes me laugh

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm not dead...yet

I haven't felt that burning desire to update my blog and tell all about whats been going on with me because... frankly not much has been goin on. Its pretty much just work and not even 40 hours a week lately. Actually its been pretty pathetic with work hours this season. Thank goodness for tax returns.
Another reason why I haven't updated is because Dell sucks. Thats right... it sucks. My lovely Lappy (my laptop) that is about exactly one year old broke for the fourth/fifth time since I got it...and Dell... being the helpful company that it is, will only do one thing for me. They tell me to send it in, they will fix it, and it will work again for four months till it breaks and I must do the same thing... but this time, for an added bonus to their already wonderful customer service, they decided after I sent it in (from my address in Jackson) to send it back to my OLD address when I was living with Brad and Eleasha this summer. On top of that, it took about 20 phone calls to rather unhelpful Dell people and about 3 hours of being on hold to finally get someone 3 weeks after I sent my laptop in, to figure out a way to get it back to me. Ugh... so hopefully it will be here tomorrow or Tuesday.
Anyone wanna buy a laptop? :D

Oh yeah, and I went to the chiropracter a few days ago because my back was KILLING me and it was making my chest hurt a heck of a lot. Thankfully I think its much better but I'm going to go back in a couple days to make sure nothing else is wrong. I gotta work on my posture. I must admit I have terrible posture... stupid habits.