Friday, December 10, 2010

The Adventures of Sariah

Well it looks like I'm only slightly better at updating this than I am at updating my personal journal... which isn't saying anything good about my journal keep skills.

So a basic update:

I moved into a new place in Holladay (Yeah, I guess thats how they spell it) which I love and have great roommates. I basically have a whole basement to myself with my own bathroom and basically my own kitchen since my other roommate is here so rarely that I sometimes think I might forget what she looks like. I have an awesome roommate that goes with me to the ward things we have. There are 4 singles wards around that meet together for a lot of things so theres lots of activities goin on all the time.

I'm still working at the same place. I applied for another position in the company a month or a little more back. It was one I wouldn't like a whole lot but would pay more than what I make. It has really crappy hours though (2-10pm) and so I wouldnt get much of a life just when i've started to have one here in Utah. But they hired someone else for the position because she had an LSAC (Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor) who ended up not working out for the position. But even though I was really bummed at first that I didn't get it, I'm really glad now cause I am enjoying having a life and would probably not be happy if I had that position even if I were getting more money. So once again, I see that the Lord is looking out for me even if things seem to suck at first. :)

Other than that, I'm just glad to be going home this Christmas to see my family. Its been a year since I've been home and I miss it soooooooooooo much. I miss all my nieces and nephews who make me feel so loved and hanging out with my sisters who I miss terribly.

Yep, thats my life :) One big adventure...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The last six months in six minutes

WARNING: This may not take only six minutes to read... it was just a catchy title... if you read slow it might take you 10 minutes... or if you read fast, 3 minutes. I'm just sayin....yeah nevermind.

So its been about 6 months since I updated so I figured I probably should...

For the first few months of the year I was staying with my uncle and aunt Rick and Jennie. They were/are so good to me. I have been soooo appreciative of all the help they gave me while I searched desperately for a job after graduation. Things felt pretty grim for a while there. I never had to search so hard for a job... all of mine pretty much fell into my lap with little effort on my part, so this was tough. But I made it!

In mid-February, I got a job at Volunteers of America at one of their Detox facilities. It mostly serves low-income/homeless people. I really liked it at first but its started to wear on me for various reason. Some of which are bolstering my political opinions in quite strong ways. Another reason is that I have been working grave shift for the last 4 months which translates tooooooo... absolutely no chance for any kind of social life. Not like I would have a huge one had I been working days since I find it quite difficult to make friends in church settings and there were not many people at work that were very open to new friends... soooo such was life.

I also got a new car in March which has been very good to me. Its a blue 2005 Honda Civic and I got it for a very good price. The buying part was a nightmare but thanks to my wonderful Uncle and my amazing aunt Jennie who stood up for me to the very not-nice sales guy, everything worked out in the end.

Then I moved into an apartment in Bountiful with a few girls I hadn't met before (which turned out to be a disaster in the end, but the Lord had things prepared for my quick escape thank goodness!)

At the end of April, I got a call from a lady who had offered me an apartment before, but I took the one in Bountiful instead. She said she couldn't stop thinking about me and what I said I went to school for and had a job in. She owns a foster agency and wanted me to come work for her and move into one of her rental properties as part of the payment. It was heaven sent! I'd been wanting a second job to pay off my school loans quicker and neeeeded desperately to get out of the apartment I was in. So I'm working there now and have my old roommate and friend from Rexburg living with me! So life is wonderful.

I still don't have much time for a social life, but in a week, my shift goes to day shift and I can start trying to have a life and friends and all that fun stuff! ooooh the opportunities that await! I have already staked out my victims (who will soon become my friends dangit whether they like it or not!) :D I have been deprived of a social life for far too long and the stress of all work and no play is wearing on me.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo thats life in a nutshell for the last 6 months!

Oh... and I have been proposed to numerous times. Unfortunately, most of them have been by people who are drunk or high.... wait... all of them have been actually. Dang!

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Adventure!

I didn't have much to say for this last month because all it has been is searching desperately for a job...any job... though one that is in my field would be preferable. I think I must have written a million cover letters, tweaked a million resumes and had interviews here and there... yeah, it was exciting. But luckily I've been blessed enough to have an awesome family willing to help out while I'm in that transitional state. At one point in time, I watched the movie Post Grad and became slightly depressed because, well lets face it, life isn't a movie and things don't just magically turn out perfectly.
But enough of the doom and gloom. I decided that I'd look into being a nanny/au pair! Plenty of job openings there! I talked to one family from Spain who really wanted me to go and I really wanted to go, but it turns out that going to Spain is a lot more difficult and time consuming to do. Among the hoops one must jump through, you must fly to California to apply for the VISA in person... and then a month or two later when they have accepted your application, you must fly BACK to California to pick it up in person. This is not counting the cost of also eventually flying to Spain. Yeah, it was a nice thought. It would have been an adventure, but it wasn't supposed to happen.
Then I ended up talking to a family in Pennsylvania who I made plans to fly there from the 10-13th of this month to see if I would be a good fit for their family. It sounded good and we had all the arrangements made and they paid for the plane tickets and then... the day before I'm supposed to leave, I get a call from one of the places I had applied to a month or so ago. I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is this a job I really wanted, but its in my field! Helping people! Doing what I want to do! I was reallllly hoping for something in the social services and this one is working at Volunteers of America as a Recovery Assistant. I'm so happy and excited!
Oh, but then about the trip to Pennsylvania... I didn't know what to do at first cause I was supposed to leave the next day. The tickets were paid for and everything. But luckily, with all the big storms in Pennsylvania and NY and all that, the flights got canceled and they got their money back and so I explained everything to them and it all worked out great! YAY!
So the moral of the story is, job hunting sucks! But keep on going and eventually the misery will be over! HURRAY!