Monday, June 29, 2009

Sickly times

So these last few weeks have been the most gigantic emotional roller coaster. Right when I feel like things are getting stable, BAM! its all crazy again. Oh the joys of life.
I got through the busiest part of the semester which were the last two weeks and I only have a month or a little bit less left. Thank goodness.
So last week I was having issues with my heart feeling like it was skipping a beat or something and i'd get dizzy and have to sit down and catch my breath. It happened a few times and I was a bit worried. After talkin to my roommates and a couple sisters they suggested going to the doctor. So I went to the doctor today and he was really nice... he said that it was probably psychological though. I figured that was a possibility but I wanted to be sure. He offered to do some tests but said it was probably not neccessary because my heart rate and oxygen intake and lungs sounded fine so I figure till I actually pass out, ill just try and deal with my psychological issues. So hopefully its nothing more serious than my mind telling me I'm messed up. lol. Man, I hate being so emotional. But life will go on and eventually it will be better. Till then its just getting through.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


In honor of the Sabbath I thought I would share a good video I happen to like a lot