Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh there ain't no tubes in me...there ain't no tubes in me

There might be tubes in some of you dudes but there ain't no tubes in me!!! Yay!

So I started the trial thing last Monday and got done yesterday with all the infusions. I know I got the real stuff because I got massive headaches for a few days. Saturday was the worst but it got better pretty quick. They had to put a picc line in my arm so I could get infusions every day and not have to be poked every day. It was slightly painful to get in because I'm one of those people who need a LOT of numbing stuff for it to work really well (my dad reminded me of when I cut my foot open again and screamed bloody murder when they tried to stitch it up when I was a kid). So there were times it hurt a bit. At one point, they couldn't get the tube through a part of my vein under my shoulder so they tried to push it through and I watched on the X-ray as my vein was pushed down and man did that hurt. I just kept thinking "I don't think my vein is supposed to go there or bend that way." But they eventually got it through.
So now the infusions are done and I have to go for check ups every week for a few weeks to see how things are going. Yahoo!
Yesterday night, my roommates and I had a ward Halloween dance that we went to and all of us dressed up. It was kind of a lame dance overall, but it was fun dressing up and taking pictures. haha. There are some, if not all up on facebook. My roommate supplied my costume so that was nice cause I didn't have anything good.
So I'm taking a Human Biology class this semester and I'm shocked how much I love the class. I am completely amazed at how complicated it all is and how everything balances just right to allow us to life. Its just amazing. I just really cant see how there couldn't be a god. I just... am so amazed!!!! Its actually not hard for me like I thought it would be to understand the stuff either so thats good! I just love it... What a shock that is to me. lol.
On another note, I hate that its getting so cold and darker. I get rather depressed at this time of year. Florida sounds better and better as the days go on. I am 10 times happier in the summer generally than the winter. I just need sunlight and warmth. I think thats how I've been since I was really young because as long as I can remember, all my best memories are in the summer... except maybe holiday memories or playing in the show when I was really young, but even then there were short lived joys. I dunno why it is...but I'll tell you one thing, I will never live in Alaska and I don't think I could live in Seattle. But we shall see where I end up...
The next thing I need to do is figure out what I'm going to do when I graduate. Everything has become so complicated since all this medical health stuff happened. I guess right now I'm looking for a job and will go from there. I was thinking of staying another semester and going on the MesoAmerican tour that my BYU-I does where you spend 4 weeks or so in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala (I think those are the four). But I'm not sure. Its all up in the air right now so I guess I need lots of prayers. lol. *sigh* life is crazy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sariah has become a lab rat, YAY!

So as of yesterday, I have officially started the clinical trial. I had to go to the radiology lab first and have them put in a ... i forgot what they called it, its like a blood catheter under my arm just a couple inches above my elbow. It was slightly painful because there was a kink or something in my vein and so as they were trying to shove the tube thing towards my heart, it was getting caught under my shoulder and i could see on the screen the vein bending as they tried to shove it in. that was painful. It was cool seeing my bones and my heart pumping on the x-ray thing though! lol. Then I went to get dosed up with whatever they pumped into me and ended up staying till 8:00 or so. Hopefully after today I wont have to stay so long since I will be able to go earlier by an hour and a half or so. They have me taking IB profin so that if I do feel some of the side effects, they wont be so bad. I don't know if i'd be able to tell if i did have side effects anyways because my body is so weird. lol.
So I went into the office again yesterday to make sure all the substitution things went through and i was set to graduate. I knew i should go and check because its always my luck that things get lost or something and don't happen, and thats exactly what happened. the office lost my papers so I have to get them all resigned and such. Good thing I went and checked.
As for classes, I have midterms this week but only a couple tests and a few million papers due...only. Actually, I was a good girl and did my 5000 word paper last week and finished it yesterday while being drugged up. So only a half a million more papers for english left. But my favorite class is Principles of Learning. We finished with the chickens and I said goodbye to Sparticus but now I have a rat named Sophie who I get to teach to do tricks for the Rat Circus we have at the end of the semester. She's actually really sweet and cute. I wanna keep her when the semester ends but I don't know where I could keep her. She's all cute and likes to cuddle. Also, in that class, we watched this video that is realllly interesting. I suggest everyone watch cause its cool!


Friday, October 9, 2009

No worries :D

So its been brought to my attention that some people are a little worried bout me so perhaps i should be better about writing more frequently, but theres really not much to tell. so far I have finished the screening process and should start the treatments in a week or so. But something even more cool is that I think that all the herbs and stuff i've been taking are starting to kick in and really work. Today I only took my morning dose of insulin and a total of 1.5 units of insulin all day when usually i'd take at least 2 or more units per meal. I took one this morning to see what would happen and i ended up going lower than i liked so for lunch i took only a half and got down to a perfect blood sugar level and so by dinner i decided not to take anything and so far so good! Just taking lots of herbs! I'm still figuring this all out but I'm really optimistic and so things are going well. I hope everyone else is staying optimistic in all the things they are doing, especially after such a wonderful conference last weekend!
oh, and they tried to tell me I didn't have enough credits to graduate, but I went into the office today and got things all worked out, so I'm still on schedule to graduate this winter! yay for me! so thats it in my world. I hope no one worries about me too much. I'm doing good with all the craziness and such :D Just keep prayin for me and all shall be fine.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General Conference

So I was lucky enough because of one of my roommates to be able to go down to watch General Conference in Salt Lake. It was so amazing! I wish I could get tickets to all of the sessions right in the front bottom part. We had tickets for the far back though way up high. It was still amazing never the less. My favorite talks were on Sunday though. Jeffrey R. Holland's talk and testimony was so amazing and powerful and President Monson's talk about the services and the warm fuzzies was so sweet! Gosh I love conference. It reminds me of all the things I need to improve on. I really do love conference!
I went down with two of my roommates, Kabao and Macy and Macy's boyfriend and we stayed at my Uncle Rick and Aunt Jenny's place Friday night and of course my roommates loved them. They are so welcoming! I can't thank them enough for helping us so much! The next night we went to Provo to stay with our old roommate. It was cool cause she lived directly across from the temple. I mean you look out her front window or door and the temple is directly in front of her. How amazing would that be? That night we went to Tocanos which is a Brazilian BBQ. The meat was soooooo good and tender! I ate so much and so little carbs, it was exciting... though I'm sure eating that much meat isn't that good for you. lol. It will probably be sitting in me for the next 2 weeks at least. lol.
I have my next appointment for the screening process this Thursday which is another meal tolerance test so I get to fast again and get to Idaho Falls by 8:00 in the morning. This time I will think to bring more homework and such.
So thats the excitement in Sariah's life. Yahoo!
Oh and, it snowed for multiple hours yesterday which was quite upsetting so I add this:
Dear God,
please keep it from snowing again until at least November...preferably December.