Monday, April 27, 2009

School at last.... uh oh

So at long last, I have come back to school. This is exciting for me in that I am hoping time will go by much faster. The downside? I have to wake up at 7:00 every morning except saturdays... I know I'm a whiner, but I love sleeping in. Its something I treasure quite a bit and I tend to stay up late so 5 hours of sleep each night makes mornings quite difficult for me.
Anywho, for this semester I have 19 credits again and for four of my classes, looooooots of reading is required. I don't mind too much though because I don't have massive loads of homework... I just have to struggle to keep myself awake while reading over 200 pages of psychology stuff each week...or more. I tend to doze off after the 10th page or so, which proves to be problematic in the reading process. But I'm glad I'm doing it all now. I'm hoping that by doing this, next semester will be quite a bit more relaxed and I can enjoy my last semester a bit more.
This semster I get to take all sorts of fun classes like Research Methods and History and Systems of Psychology. I bet the sounds of that just makes you exude with jealousy. Don't worry, its not as terribly exciting as it sounds. But I am also taking Intro to Social Work, more Spanish, Motivation and Emotion, and Prep for Eternal Marriage (no i'm not engaged or anything).
I'm back with my Chinese roommates this semester (there are only 3 of them left) and one roommate who is Mong. I didn't know what Mong was till I ask her. If you'd like to know, you can ask. I'll just tell you its not Mongolian. So needless to say, I'm looking forward to a delicious Asian food filled semester. Yahoo!
Not many new interesting t hings except for those of you who don't know, I will be going to Peru this summer when school gets out for two weeks. So thats exciting. If anyone has any advice for traveling to South American countries (vaccinations I should get, foods to avoid, etc) I'd love to hear it :D
I love being back in Idaho where food is much cheaper. Chili is less than a dollar here! In Jackson its like $1.50 so I'm pretty excited. I have enough pancake mix to last me the whole semester for only $7.00!!! Its magical...really... Now I just need to find a lunch food that I can get for that much! *sigh* if only...
Thats about it for now though... :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm not depressed, don't worry :D

Well it seems its about time that I get around to updating this said bloggy thingy. I'm not sure where to start so I'll start with some random thoughts I've been thinking of this last week.

1) I can't figure out why my washing machine would have a setting for small loads, large loads and super loads... and then NOT have one for medium loads... It just doesnt seem to make sense to me...

2) there are things in my store that make me giggle that aren't really supposed to be funny... theres a stuffed bear that looks like Popeye, a rug with a bear on it that looks like it has spikes on its back so I call it Dino-bear and a moose key chain that when you squeeze it, it sounds like a dinosaur...really it does! If anyone is curious, I can post pictures of these things, though others might not find them as funny as I do.

3) I really need a haircut

4) I really don't wanna come back here next winter but I don't really know whats going to happen so I guess I should prepare for anything...including living in Jackson *gulp* once again...

So I'm in my final weeks of Jackson living yet another time. I believe I started this blog around this time last year. This last week has been torture for me though. All the wonderful people I met here have long since left and last Sunday I had to say goodbye once again to Rodolfo whom I love extremely lots and lots... And I am left here. I feel rather alone and disheartened but I'm trying very hard to keep my mood up and get through these last weeks till I can return to school and get myself busy and around friends and family once again. I leave here the 17th which can't come soon enough. These last couple months (man, its been a long time since I updated) have been rather uneventful in the things to write about. I spent them making the most of the time I had here with Rodo and working my butt off to pay for all those lovely necesities in life which cost oh so much such housing...
I have the apartment all to myself now... for some that may be good but its really lonely for me. Before the last girl left (a few days ago), I barely saw her anyways, but it was just coming home and knowing there is someone else here made me not feel lonely. Now I come home and I have to immediately distract myself as to forget that I'm all alone.
No one needs to worry about me, I'm adjusting and working hard to keep a more positive outlook or at least just look forward to a couple weeks from now. :D
One (probably the only) semi-interesting thing is that I learned how to count to 10 in Romanian, compliments of my two new co-workers who are quite lovely and funny. I suppose thats it for now though. Sorry if this was a bit depressing... the last couple months were really good though! (besides the being sick of working here part, lol)