Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

So these last few weeks have been completely insane. I didn't spend one weekend at home since the beginning of November. I've been job searching like crazy, had a wedding to go to, had an interview in Salt Lake, met up with my old friend from Brazil Elisabete who is working in Park City this winter, then I had to deal with finals. Not so fun...
I had a phone interview yesterday with a company that I thought had forgotten me but I think I might have a chance to get this job so I'm really excited and it would be doing something I would really love to do! I'd be working at as a Recovery Assistant at a recovery center mostly with women and the children they bring with them while they are recovering. I really hope it works out so be praying for me. The lady who interviewed me said that she was going to send my resume on to the next staffing person so I'm hopeful!
I made it home to Eleasha and Brad's place and its so fun to be around all my nieces and nephews again (well, not all of them yet because Aviendha isn't here yet). It sucks that I can't really stick around longer. I have a flight back to Idaho Falls on the 29th and then I gotta figure out what I'll do from there. Who knows... Thats the dilemma that I'm in now. I have to find a job and a place to live pretty soon and then a car is next on the agenda. Oh the joys of real life.
It is a relief to be done with school for now though. No more stressing about homework and staying up till 2:30 to finish them. But now its a different kind of stress in life. Bring it on I say!
Thats it in my life I suppose... nothing terribly interesting... But I love this video so I'm going to put it here

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Naomi Johnson said...

what a great video. Sariah, I am so incredibly proud of you. I wish I went to school and graduated!! I really hope you get that job, I am sure you will do an amazing job. I am so glad for you to be here this Christmas, I love you so so so so much.