Sunday, November 15, 2009

Conglomerate of silly stuff

So since there's not any big events going on in my life, this is just a compilation of little things that have happened or I've been thinking about lately.
I went to the doctors Tuesday (not the one doing the clinical trial but the regular doctor) and I told him that I had been taking herbs for a while and not taking the other insulin and he went off on all the things it could have been because of, like he couldn't believe it was actually the herbs working. It was funny but kind of sad that some people have their minds so made up and closed off to other things that could be helpful. Then the dietitian did the same thing. "Oh, its probably because your body was in a honeymoon period so you didn't need the insulin" "oh it might be because of the trial drugs" (which I didn't start until AFTER I stopped taking the insulin)... and so on.
I just got to witness my roommate on a date since her date came here to make dinner for them and it was so cute. I love being a spectator on the first or second date. You can see the awkwardness and the unsure looks and comments, its so cute! lol. She's got a third date set up already, lol, I'm so excited for her!
I'm still trying to find some kind of a job after I graduate. I've found a lot of potentials in Utah that I have to apply for. I never ever wanted to live in Utah, but considering the circumstances, that seems like the most viable option for now. Its somewhere close enough that I can afford to move and there are jobs available and a place close that I can go to for the doctors appointments. I have a couple friends thinking about coming there (if they can find jobs too) and so hopefully I'll be able to find a place to live with them.
Umm, I have a million things to do before the end of the semester and still find it hard to comprehend that Ill be graduating!!! Wow. Crazy how time flies.
My ward went on a temple trip to the Idaho Falls temple Thursday which was so great! It was an interesting feeling being in the place that my parents were sealed together. It really made me miss my mom and made me sad that I couldn't talk to her about when she got married. There's so many things I wanna know from her, but i guess I'll have to wait a while to ask her.
I just realized how much of a loser I am this semester, lol. All my roommates have been going out on dates and stuff and I do homework all the time. lol. Thats ok though, this semester has gone by so fast so far because I've just been going going going. I almost wish it would slow down so I feel like I have time to prepare for all the stuff to come.
I'm frustrated that the reason I didn't do so good on my last biology test was because I skipped a question on the bubble sheet and put all the next 4 or 5 answers in the wrong spot. Ugh! I went out of there thinking I knew most of the answers so I should have done well, but I looked at my score and it said otherwise. blah, but thats ok, i will just have to do good on the next couple tests and i can still get a good grade.
In my New Testament class, we talk a lot about all kinds of things but only half the time about the new testament itself which i find funny, but I still love the class. My teacher shows us a lot of videos and this was one of them i hadn't seen but really liked:

I love that they put in quotes from Elder Wirthlin's General Conference talk in Oct 2007- The Great Commandment. Its one of my favorites.

I've sold about $40 worth of jewelery so far but I have lots of work to do to get more stuff up and going with that whole thing.
I'm excited to go home this weekend for Thanksgiving and I'm taking my roommate Auda with me so I'm excited to show off my family. lol. I'm so proud of my super cute nieces and nephews! I did have a dream last night though that she met my dad and my dad was kindof rude and I was so embarrassed! But I don't think thats gonna happen... i hope that wont happen, lol. I know my dad wouldn't be intentionally rude.
My doctors bills are slowly adding up. they keep sending me more bills that i guess they've taken longer to process. I think I'm up to a little over $500 (BLAH!) so I will be working on paying that off when I get out of this Iceburg.
Its been snowing lately so i guess my prayer a couple blogs ago didn't work so well. Thats a shame :( I have to drive in the icy snowyness to my doctors appointments now which sucks. It scares me when I think of how fragile life is and how easily little mistakes on either mine or someone else's part can lead to something very bad. Aye! I need to move to florida. If I could afford the move, that would be my first choice in destinations when I graduate. I guess i have to work up to that though.
so thats about it for the silly stuff... nothing terribly exciting.


Gailyn Terry said...

The doctors all told me the same thing when I was taking the herbs, that I was on a honeymoon period. Doctors are so frustrating sometimes.

Naomi Johnson said...

oh, how exciting you are coming home, I can't wait to see you and meet your roommate. I know what you mean about mom. I miss her too and wish I could ask her questions that I never thought about till now. How cool though that you got to go to the temple. I am jealous. Love you sister.